Press Release of AJSC on Detention of a Journalist in Kandahar

21. February 2022, 10:33

Monday, February 21, 2022

Press Release of the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee on Detention of a Journalist and Ban of Journalists from Covering Protests in Kandahar Province

Kabul, Afghanistan:

Journalists and the media have played a significant role in providing accurate and impartial information over the past two decades and have proved this impartiality and professionalism as well. However, despite all the professional and non-partisan approaches, this group in most provinces of the country, do not have timely access to information.

In the latest case, journalists in Kandahar province have struggled to cover the protests over the killing of a lady and the wounding of two others.

According to local journalists, a number of reporters who went to cover the protest were detained for a few hours and then released, while others were not allowed to cover the news.

Despite numerous requests of the journalists in Kandahar, none of the government officials provided details on the incident.

The Afghan Journalists Safety Committee considers the lack of timely access to information and the absence of officials contrary to article fifth of the recently enacted Mass Media Law. The law states:

“Article 5: Every person has the right to demand and receive information. At the request of the citizens of the country, the government makes the information available to them, unless the requested information is confidential and its disclosure endangers the security, national interests and territorial integrity of the country or harms the rights of others.”

AJSCurges the authorities of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to comply with the law, in particular the above-mentioned article, and urges them to cooperate in providing timely information to journalists.