AJSC Organizes Advocacy and Coordination Meeting with Government Officials in Parwan Province

8. December 2022, 13:29

The Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC) organized an advocacy and coordination meeting with provincial officials, media managers and local journalists of Parwan province.

In the meeting which was organized to facilitate better coordination between government officials and media, Masroor Lutfi, AJSC’s coordinator for Parwan province, Mufti Idriss Anwari, deputy governor, head of information department of Directorate of Information and Culture, spokespersons for Directorate of Intelligence and Parwan Police Command, and local media managers and journalists of Parwan province had participated.

In addition to discussing issues such as addressing the challenges facing media work, the right to access to information and creating better coordination between government and the media, in this meeting, it was decided to establish a joint media-government coordination committee in this province.

The Joint Media-Government Coordination Committee is being established at the recommendation of the AJSC, to address the challenges facing media and journalists and facilitating better coordination between government and the media.

The government officials in this province, in addition to announcing their support for media, promised better cooperation of local government officials with the journalists of this province.

The AJSC has been tirelessly working to facilitate a safe environment for journalists and better coordination between government and the media.