What we do?

We provide a host of services for journalists, advocate for press freedom and offer emergency assistance for journalists in need. We also monitor, verify, document and report threats and violence against journalists. Our holistic approach to enhancing press freedom and safety of journalists has been key to AJSC success.
The hotline provides journalists in an emergency with 24/7 access to AJSC’s support. To effectively help journalists in emergency situations, we leverage our unique set up and the vast network of contacts across the country.
We provide journalists with hostile environment training as well as courses in conflict sensitive reporting, media law, and ethics of journalism. Training is offered to journalists across the country. The safety training equips the trainees with information and tips on all safety measures needed to mitigate risk during field work, including how to avoid kidnapping, escape a crossfire, safely cover riots and so on. We also offer training on preventative measures to minimize potential risks that journalists face.
We engage in extensive advocacy efforts to prompt the government and other stakeholders to take necessary action towards press freedom and safety of journalists. AJSC’s advocacy efforts have led to the passage and approval of many bills. It also led to the formation of the joint committee on the safety of journalists and media which is managed by senior government officials and media representatives.
Legal Support:
AJSC provides legal support to journalists facing prosecution because of their professional work and/or related circumstances which may give rise to the need for lawyer. In 2016, AJSC signed MOU with Afghanistan’s Independent Bar Association which allows AJSC to provide journalists with a lawyer in 34 provinces of Afghanistan.
Psychosocial Support:
AJSC offers psychosocial training courses as well as counseling assistance for journalists who experience trauma. AJSC partners with some of the best counseling practitioners in Afghanistan.
Supporting Female Media Workers:
Enhancing the presence and role of female journalists in Afghanistan’s media is a key portion of AJSC’s mission. AJSC upholds female coordinators in Kabul and the provinces so that female journalists’ issues and challenges are handled effectively