AJSC’s Provincial Gender Coordinator Meets Women Journalists of Durakhshan Radio

21. December 2022, 16:12

Provincial gender coordinator of the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC) in Badakhshan province met with officials and women journalists of Durakhsan Radio Station.
In the AJSC’s provincial gender coordinator’s meeting with media officials and women journalists of this media outlets, challenges facing women in media such as lack of access to information, economic hardships, lack of women’s presence in the media and restrictions were discussed.
In the meeting, female journalists of this media house expressed their concerns about the difficulties facing women journalists and the lack of adequate support from the government and international media support organizations, and demanded that these problems be addressed.

The AJSC’s provincial gender coordinator, in addition to providing information on the committee’s activities, said that the AJSC has been consistently working to address challenges facing journalists, especially women journalists.