AJSC Delegation Meets Head of Information and Culture Directorate of Nangarhar Province

2. February 2023, 17:37

To address challenges facing media work, access to information, and to create better coordination between media and the government, a delegation of the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC), led by the AJSC Acting Director met with the head of information and culture directorate of Nangarhar province.

In the meeting, Abdul Qadeem Wyar, acting director of the AJSC, emphasized on facilitating journalists better access to information, and said that the Directorate of Information and Culture, as vital government entity, should cooperate with and address journalists and media houses’ challenges.

In addition to appreciating the AJSC’s work in Nangarhar province, Qari Noor Mohammad Hanif, head of information and culture directorate, urged the AJSC to facilitate training programs on access to information for government spokespersons in this province.

Furthermore, Matiullah Sarwar, AJSC’s government relations coordinator, emphasized the need for better relations between government and the media.

The AJSC has been tirelessly working to facilitate a safe environment for journalists and better coordination between government and the media.