Saday-e Banowan Radio Station in Badakhshan Rresumed Its Broadcast After Seven Days of Suspension

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6. April 2023, 16:00

The Saday-e Banowan Radio Station, the operations of which were suspended by the local officials of Badakhshan province until further notice, resumed its operations today following the efforts of the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC).

Sayid Muhibullah Sayidi, AJSC provincial focal point in Badakhshan, in coordination with head of this radio station, emphasized on the need for resumption of this radio station’s broadcast in several meetings with government officials. As a result of which, the radio station was allowed to resume its broadcast.

Najia Sorosh, head of Saday-e Banowan Radio Station, appreciated AJSC’s efforts in resumption of this radio’s operation and asked the AJSC to provide support in other fields as well.

The AJSC has been relentlessly working for Afghan journalists’ rights and safety.