AJSC Introduces Its New Provincial Focal Point for Badakhshan Province


15. October 2023, 14:45

Abdul Qadeem Wyar, deputy and acting director of the AJSC, Moazuddin Ahmadi, head of information and culture directorate, Shahbaz Sabery, AJSC provincial coordinator, media managers and local journalists of this province participated in the meeting held for this purpose.

Abdul Qadeem Wyar, AJSC acting director, in addition to Introducing Mr. Lalzad, raised the challenges facing journalists in this province and the need to address these challenges.

Badakhshan’s head of information and culture directorate, thanked the AJSC officials for taking the trip to this province and promised to cooperate with the AJSC’s newly appointed provincial focal point. He further urged the AJSC to facilitate capacity building programs for journalists and media workers of this province.

Furthermore, before Sediqi Lalzad, Sayed Muhibullah Sayedi served as AJSC provincial focal point for Badakhshan province.

The AJSC has been consistently working to address challenges facing the media and facilitate a safe environment for journalists.