AJSC Organizes an Advocacy Meeting with the Governor of Logar Province

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23. October 2023, 12:10

The Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC) organized an advocacy and coordination meeting with Mawlawi Ziaurrahman Madani, governor of Takhar province and Rafiullah Samim, head of information and culture directorate, while a number of media officials and local journalists of this province were present.

In the advocacy meeting, government officials’ cooperation with the media, journalists’ access to information and addressing challenges facing media houses were discussed.

Khanwali Ahmadzai, AJSC focal point for Logar province, in addition to discussing journalists access to information, safety of journalists and local media houses’ financial situation, emphasized the need for facilitating journalists better access to information.

Governor of Logar province said that challenges facing journalists and media houses will be addressed, promising better access to information and coordination between government officials and media houses.

The AJSC has been consistently working to address challenges facing the media and facilitate a safe environment for journalists.