AJSC’s News Release on a Journalist Beaten by Policemen in Herat Province

9. May 2015, 16:53

In the afternoon of last Friday, a police officer beat up Jamshid Hakak, correspondent of Asia private TV station in Herat Province, following a verbal argument. The correspondent sustained facial and skull injuries as a consequence of the quarrel.

Manager of Asia TV Maqsood Ahrari calls for critical investigation of the incident by government and media support organizations.

Confirming the incident, Spokesman for Herat Police Abdurrawoof Ahmadi reports initiation of investigations. It is worth mentioning that the injured journalist is currently receiving hospital care.

Meanwhile, the journalists in Herat Province have decided to hold a protest gathering across from the provincial governor’s office tomorrow to condemn the incident.

Condemning the incident in the strongest possible terms, AJSC calls upon Herat government officials to critically investigate the case and share the results with media and the public.

AJSC reiterates that, based on the Afghan laws, no one including government and security officials, has the right to beat or otherwise penalize someone before their crime is substantiated. Resorting to such acts amount to felony; hence, the culprits must be prosecuted by the judicial bodies.