AJSC Shares Challenges Facing Journalists with Newly Appointed Governor of Uruzgan Province

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19. March 2024, 13:54

The Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC) organized advocacy and coordination meeting with government officials in Uruzgan province.

The meeting was held with Enayatullah Shuja, governor of Uruzgan, Aghawali Quraishi, head of information and culture directorate of Uruzgan, director of office of the governor of Uruzgan and a number of local media managers and journalists.

Latif Zaheri, AJSC’s provincial focal point for Uruzgan, in addition to sharing challenges facing media work with the officials in Uruzgan province, discussed issues such as access to information, journalists’ safety, and creating better working relations between government and media.

In the meeting, governor of Uruzgan province, said that he will try to address journalists’ challenges and promised improved cooperation and coordination with the media, especially in regards with journalists’ access to information.

The AJSC has been working for facilitating better working relationships between the government and the media, and a safe environment for journalists.