AJSC's main office representatives met with journalists and media officials during a visit to Nangarhar province

17. June 2021, 12:32
Nangarhar, Afghanistan: Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC) representatives had a short trip to Nangarhar province to assess the overall situation of journalists in the province. They had a discussion with journalists and media officials about this year’s AJSC plans, intensification of the war, and the Peace Process, and the protection of Free Media and Freedom of Expression. AJSC representatives called for strengthening coordination between journalists and the media, and also discussed possible solutions to prevent targeted killings, especially targeted killings of women journalists.
Local, national, and international journalists working in Nangarhar Province praised the AJSC’s work and called for it to continuation. In particular, they called on the AJSC to strengthen coordination among journalists in this sensitive situation and to pay more attention to journalists working in the provinces.
Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC) representatives also met with officials of Enikass and Sharq TV during the trip. AJSC representatives, while offering condolences and grief to the media community for the martyrdom of 5 TV employees of Enikass TV, called the activities of the media, especially in the East, important and assured them of the AJSC’s continued cooperation.