Press Release of the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee on the Occasion of World Radio Day

13. February 2022, 09:25

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Kabul, Afghanistan:

February 13 is World Radio Day, and more than a century after the creation of the first radio, people in different parts of the world still listen to the radio.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), has asked radio stations this year to celebrate World Radio Day with the three goals of producing independent and high-quality content, taking care of the audiences, and ensuring competitiveness.

According to the statistics of the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee, there were more than 320 radio stations in the country before the current regime came to power. Most of these media outlets broadcast a variety of news, information, and entertainment programs.

However, according to the new statistics of AJSC, the number of active radio stations in Afghanistan has dropped to 200.

In recent years, radio stations have faced many financial and economic problems. Now, with the new government in power, their economic problems have increased and they ask the relevant authorities to help them in this regard.

In addition to financial problems, radios face penalties in tax payments, frequency licenses, and commercial permits.

The Afghan Journalists Safety Committee requests the government of Afghanistan to waive the penalties for the radios and help the media outlets in solving their financial issues.

Some media outlets are facing financial difficulties to the point that they are even having trouble paying their employees, and if these fines are not waived, most media outlets will be at risk of closure.

Yet, the situation of radios in several provinces is improving and several new radios have started operating since the fall of the previous regime.