AJSC Marks May 3 World Press Freedom Day


3. May 2023, 10:00

The Afghan Jouranlists Safety Committee (AJSC) marked May 3, the World Press Freedom Day through an event in which government officials, representatives of media support organizations, media officials and journalists participated.

In this program, the representatives of local media support organizations and media managers talked about the challenges facing freedom of the press, media houses and journalists, urging all stakeholders to address these challenges.

Abdul Qadeem Wyar, AJSC acting director, spoke about importance of press freedom and observation of this day, while talking about the economic crisis and security challenges facing media and journalists, he urged relevant authorities to address these and enforce the media related laws in the country.

Zabihullah Sadat, head of TOLOnews, while speaking about the role of media and journalists in ensuring press freedom, added that we request the authorities not to be satisfied with discussing challenges facing journalists and the media on occasions, urging them to hold constant dialogue with media officials so that permanent solutions to these challenges are found.  

Abdul Qadir Monsef, head of Pajhwak News Agency, listed a number of challenges faced by journalists and media houses, while demanding the government officials to address these challenges.

Mufti Abdul Matin Qani, spokesperson and an advisor for the Ministry of Information and Culture, promised to address the said challenges, stating that this ministry has been constantly working to gradually address all these challenges.

Akef Muhajer, spokesperson for the Ministry of Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, stated that the ministry supports press freedom and that the media should comply with the Islamic and national values.

The World Press Freedom Day is celebrated while the media and journalists are faced with economic, safety and access to information challenges.