AJSC Organizes Advocacy Meetings with Officials of Four Provinces


28. February 2024, 12:59

The Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC) organized advocacy and coordination meetings with provincial officials, media managers and local journalists of Helmand, Zabul, Nimroz and Kunar provinces.

In the meetings, journalists’ access to credible information, safety of journalists, extending media licenses, reduction in electricity tariffs of media houses, addressing financial issues of media houses, facilitating professional learning opportunities for journalists, creating better working relationship between media and government, and other media related issues were discussed.

These meetings were organized with Mawalwi Hamidullah Nisar, Gazni’s director of information and culture, Mawlawi Agha Wali Quraishi, Urzugan’s director of information and culture, Mawlawi Mohammad Amin Huzaifa, Paktika’s director of information and culture, and Mawlawi Rahmatullah Hamad, Zabul’s director of information and culture. AJSC’s provincial representatives, local administration’s representatives, local media managers and journalists also participated in these meetings.

In the advocacy meetings, government officials of these provinces, promised that government agencies will facilitate improved cooperation and coordination with the media.

The AJSC has been working for facilitating better work relationships between the government and the media, and a safe environment for journalists.