AJSC Welcomes the Release of Three Local Journalists in Khost Province

28. April 2024, 19:24

The Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC) welcomes the release of three local journalists in Khost province.

Ismail Khan Sadat, broadcast manager for Naz radio, Wahidullah Masoom, Iqra radio’s journalist, and Ihsanullah Tasal, Woles Ghag radio’s journalist in Khost province, who had been summoned to the Directorate of Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice on Tuesday, April 23, were released after five days following AJSC’s efforts in the southeast zone.

The AJSC urges the government officials to address all media violation cases through the recently established Joint Media-Government Committee (JMGC) in this province.

The AJSC has been continuously working for Afghan journalists’ rights and safety.